GEORGIAN CARGO GROUP holds leading position in auto-import owing to the demands boosting in present time in Georgia.

We offer new and used vehicles import to Caucasus Region, by having good relations with Shipping Lines we can offer you best solutions to handle your vehicle and heavy machinery from every point of Japan, Europe and US.

At present time the GCG has worked out approximately 20,000 containers with cars. We retain the leading position over used vehicles imported from Japan and England that covers 60%-70% from both states. The large capacities come from USA and Europe as well. We offer clients complete package of services, starting with establishment of relations with shipper in any state ending with ultimate receiving of the vehicles in Batumi Terminal (BICT) or Poti Terminal and in Tbilisi with our car carriers. We also help auto dealers and one-time auto-importers in searching for reliable partner for buying a vehicle. This service has big demand since we are only mediators between clients and suppliers, where the client’s safety is guaranteed. However a dealer has a chance to find a supplier in any place of the World through our activities without our interest.

Below is given package of services which are offered to our clients

Receiving Container in Batumi and Poti:


  • The client is ultimately informed about departure of the container;

  • Change of final car receiver without any fees in any moment of transportation including discharge of container at terminal spot.

  • Transportation of a vehicle from Batumi to Tbilisi with company owned branded car carriers. Without need of client to get in port.

  • All vehicles are being photographed upon stripping from container

  • invoicing either of dealers or individual recipients

  • upon demand of a client inclusion in queue of container opening (our containers, as a rule are opened in first turn in Batumi, if nothing special is asked from the client);

  • our employees in Batumi will help customers in customs clearance formalities of inner cargo