Where can I get the documents?

After paying the cost of transportation, you can get a full set of documents in the Poti and Tbilisi offices.

How to find out container’s location?

In the right corner there is an item "Container Tracking", enter the number of your container (e.g. MSCU1234567) and press «Search».

When the container will be opened?

After stripping of your container, you will be informed by our stuff immediately.

How can I get the car in Tbilisi?

You can find detailed instructions in "Services" - "Inland transportation."

Free parking terms at the terminal.

You have 4 calendar days from the stripping day (including stripping day).

In what days is it possible to get the car from the terminal?

After stripping you can get your car out any time 24/7.

What currency can be used for paying cost of transportation?

In case of payment on the territory of Georgia, cost of transportation payment made in national currency on the basis of the exchange rate on the date of payment.